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The Apulia region with many faces. Renowned for the sea, the promontory of Gargano with Vieste and Peschici to Salento Gallipoli and Lecce, crossing the seaside cities of Bari as Trani, Molfetta and the capital itself. But Apulia is a region rich in history and beautiful architecture too: the castle of Taranto, Castel del Monte, the Lecce Baroque, the Romanesque cathedrals, fortified manor farms.
Apulia is also synonymous with the natural reserves of Tremiti islands, Torre Guaceto in Brindisi and the forests of the Gargano. Ambassador of the regional natural beauties, the speleological complex of the Castellana caves. The Apulia of flavors, fruit, fish, pasta and wheat in the Tavoliere. The Apulia of folklore symbolized by Putignano Carnival and the music, the salento “pizzica”.

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